Global Payments


Move your money globally

Global reach of your payment transfer service and the ability to transfer funds across borders.

global money transfer
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key features

Secure business payments.

Small or Medium sized business? Save time & cut costs on money transfers with Walcy for business.

high speed

High speed

Send to millions of accounts worldwide, with most transfers reaching their destination within no time.
low fees

Low Fees

Low Fees and excellent exchange rates let you send people exactly what you promised, saving up to 90% compared with the banks.
no hassle

No hassle

Our reliable, fast & intuitive interface lets you make payments in one go, to 65+ countries, It takes just minutes to set these up.
multi-curreny support

Multi-Currency Support

Support with multiple currencies to cater to customers who need to make payments in different currencies.
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Working process

How it works?

We provide a step-by-step guidance on global payments and it’s management.

1. Sign up or Login

Create an account by providing the required personal and financial information, or login if you’re an existing user.

2. Add Payment Information

Add payment information for international payments/transfers: bank, card details & relevant info.

3. Initiate Payment Transfer

Initiate payments by selecting destination, amount, and then confirm. Now, platform initiates transfer.

4. Track and Receive Payment

Track account balance, transactions, and exchange rates on dashboard. Get alerts for significant changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need help with something? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Walcy is not a bank but it’s similar to other fintech companies who offer digital center to manage their accounts, payments, virtual cards & all.

We do VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) on our Network and Applications regularly. Besides, we do not store any of your sensitive data, card details, and our partners are all fully PCI DSS compliant.

Walcy account is an all-in-one business account for modern digital business owners. It allows you to transfer, receive and spend money through the Walcy web, mobile app and the Walcy visa card. On top of that, your Walcy account will cover your business financial needs by providing you access to multi-currency accounts and it’s management solutions. There’s no need to manage a bunch of disconnected financial service providers. Scale faster with everything in one place with Walcy!

We have not any additional fees or hidden charges. But there will be some charges for ATM withdrawals in foreign countries, charged by the banks and payment networks. Also, there will be fees charged for FX transactions, but it will still be lesser than bank charges.

Virtual card are unique cards that provide extra security and control over the online transactions. Users can create and dedicate unique card for each online vendor, providing flexibility to manage them aptly and also isolating your main account from any fraudulent activity associated with a particular vendor.