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Single platform for

Global Accounts, Payments, FX & Cards

Open a global currency account for your business in minutes. Manage payments, foreign exchange, and Visa cards—everything your business needs to go global, anytime, anywhere.

global Accounts


Global Accounts

Walcy’ offers both major and emerging global currency accounts that enable clients to send and receive payments online. Clients can hold, manage, and convert currencies in one place, making international transactions more accessible and reducing foreign exchange risk.

Global accounts

Global Payments

‘Walcy’ facilitates fast, secure, and cost-effective international payments for clients. The platform supports payments in numerous currencies, allowing businesses and individuals to send and receive funds across borders with ease. This service is especially beneficial for companies with international operations or those dealing with overseas clients, suppliers & payrolls.


‘Walcy’ provides competitive foreign exchange rates and low fees for spot and forward transactions. Our platform enables clients to execute currency conversions and manage currency risk efficiently. This service is particularly valuable for businesses dealing with international suppliers, clients, payrolls, or managing cash flows in multiple currencies.



‘Walcy’ offers virtual cards & expense management solutions that can be used globally and support multiple currencies. These solutions help businesses streamline their expense management processes and monitor spending more effectively.


‘Walcy’ provides API integration for businesses looking to automate the payment processes, foreign exchange transactions, and account management. This allows companies to integrate walcy’s services into their existing systems, creating a more seamless and efficient financial management process.



Built to keep your data safe

We employ several measures and technologies to protect your data and information.


Ensure maximum protection of sensitive information with robust encryption features and prevent fraudulent transactions automatically.

Vulnerability Management

Safeguard your digital assets with Walcy’s advanced vulnerability management suite, featuring top-of-the-line scanning, prioritization, and remediation workflows.

Multi-Factor authentication

Encrypt every single penny you pay with an extra layer of authentication with instant alerts for any unauthorized access.

Security Audits

Secure your international transactions – find and mitigate vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with Walcy security audits.