Top 10 Safe PayPal Alternatives For Freelancers In 2024

PayPal alternatives for freelancers
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Top 10 Safe PayPal Alternatives For Freelancers In 2024


For a long time, PayPal remained the only option for freelancing payments. PayPal is a widely famous online payment platform that has transformed digital transactions. It was founded in 1998 and merged with in 2000 A.D. It provides a convenient and safe way to transfer and receive money electronically. 

PayPal plays a crucial role in facilitating transactions between freelancers and their clients, providing a secure and efficient payment solution. However, people have already started searching for safe alternatives to PayPal. There are several reasons behind the need for PayPal alternatives for freelancers. High fees, slow transfers, and limited international options can be the most notable ones. 

In this blog, we will explore 10 different PayPal alternatives for freelancers in 2024.  Before that let us know the major reasons why freelancers and businesses are looking for PayPal substitutes. 

Why Freelancers And Businesses Are Looking For A PayPal Substitute?

Why freelancers are looking for PayPal alternatives?

Freelancers and businesses are increasingly seeking top PayPal alternatives for several major reasons. Some of them are:

High Fees

PayPal is notorious for its high fees, which can eat into freelancers’ and businesses’ profits. From transaction fees to currency conversion charges, PayPal’s fee structure can be burdensome, especially for those processing large volumes of transactions.

As per its website, for international commercial transactions, Paypal charges, up to 3.49% of the transaction amount +$0.49, as a transaction fee. Additionally, there also used to be some hidden fees. 

Limited Global Reach:

While PayPal is widely accepted, it may not be the most convenient option for international transactions. Freelancers and businesses working with clients or customers in multiple countries often encounter issues with currency conversion, withdrawal limits, and restricted services in certain regions.

Poor Customer Service:

Many freelancers and businesses have experienced frustration with PayPal’s customer service. Long wait times, generic responses, and difficulty resolving disputes can lead to dissatisfaction and a desire to explore alternative payment solutions with better support systems in place.

Complexity and Restrictions:

PayPal’s policies and procedures, such as its reserve system and stringent account verification requirements, can be complex and restrictive for freelancers and businesses. Some find these policies overly burdensome and prefer alternative platforms with simpler processes and fewer restrictions.

Desire for Innovation:

As technology advances, freelancers and businesses seek payment solutions that offer innovative features and integrations to streamline their operations. PayPal’s relatively stagnant platform may not provide the same level of innovation and customization as newer, more agile competitors.

Preference for Lower Cost Options:

With the rise of fintech startups and alternative payment providers, freelancers and businesses have more options than ever before. Many of these alternatives offer lower fees, competitive exchange rates, and innovative features tailored specifically to the needs of freelancers and small businesses.

10 Paypal Alternatives For Freelancers



In today’s digital world, freelancers are no longer limited to a single payment option. With an increasing number of online banking platforms and digital payment alternatives, freelancers now have many more choices than PayPal. Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or just recently got started, selecting an appropriate payment option is critical for managing your finances effectively. In this detailed guide, we’ll look at 10 PayPal alternatives developed primarily for freelancers in 2024. These solutions provide a range of benefits, from lower fees to widened amenities, to meet your specific needs.


Walcy Bank is a fintech company that specializes in providing a comprehensive and creative suite of products for businesses and people to manage their global finances. It simplifies cross-border transactions and makes international payments more accessible for businesses and individuals.

If you are looking for a cheaper PayPal alternative, Walcybank could be the perfect fit.


The second alternative in the list is Stripe. It is one of the top PayPal competitors. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Stripe has become a favorite among freelancers worldwide. Stripe’s smooth payment processing and broad developer features make it easier to take payments from clients all over the world. Stripe stands out for its low rates and solid security measures, making it a popular choice among freelancers looking for an affordable PayPal alternative.


Formerly known as TransferWise, Wise revolutionized the way freelancers send and receive money internationally. With transparent fees and real exchange rates, Wise ensures that freelancers get more bang for their buck when dealing with foreign clients. Whether you’re receiving payments in euros, dollars, or pounds, Wise offers a cost-effective solution for freelancers working with clients around the globe. It is free to open a wise account. Transaction fees start from 0.35% and vary with currency. It is way cheaper than PayPal. 


Skrill is another popular PayPal alternative. It provides a range of services, such as online payments, wire transfers, and digital currency transactions. Users can load their Skrill accounts via bank transfers, debit or credit card payments, or other forms of payment. Later they can use the funds to make online purchases, send money to other Skrill users, or withdraw to their bank accounts. Skrill is frequently used for online transactions, especially in businesses like gaming, gambling, and forex trading, where quick and safe transactions are critical.


For freelancers working with international clients, Payoneer is a game-changer. With its global payment solution, Payoneer allows freelancers to receive funds in multiple currencies without the hassle of currency conversion fees. With features like mass payouts and integrated tax solutions, Payoneer makes it easy for freelancers to get paid quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are in the world. It is free for users to open a Payoneer account and also has zero monthly fees. This PayPal alternative is the best fit for low-cost transfers and small businesses or freelancers that don’t require a POS system. 


In the list of Top PayPal alternatives for freelancers, Square comes into the Sixth position. Square offers a suite of payment solutions tailored for freelancers and small businesses. From card processing to online invoicing, Square provides tools to streamline your payment process and manage your finances more effectively. 

Square is free of monthly or annual fees. Instead, it makes money by taking a percentage of each credit card transaction it conducts. Square charges 2.6% + 10 cents for most in-person transactions. However, if the card information has to be input manually, the transaction requires 3.5% plus 15 cents. With its transparent pricing and user-friendly interface, Square is a popular choice for freelancers looking for a simple and affordable payment solution.


Venmo is a platform for accepting online payments from customers. It is well-known for its social features, which include making transactions public and taking payments with personalized comments and emojis. It enables freelancers to link bank accounts, credit, and debit cards to their digital wallets. It can also contain several accounts and cards. Furthermore, there is no fee for receiving money, and transactions to your bank account are free. One disadvantage of Venmo is that there is a weekly bank transfer restriction, and getting funds via direct deposit can take up to two days.

Google Pay

Google Pay also makes its spot in the list of top PayPal alternatives for freelancers. Google Pay allows freelancers to send and receive money securely using their Google account. With its integration with Gmail and other Google services, Google Pay offers a seamless payment experience for freelancers on the go. Whether you’re sending an invoice to a client or paying for a business expense, Google Pay makes it easy to keep track of your finances from anywhere. It is free to use to date. 


Xoom is a digital money transfer service that enables users to send funds, make payments, and recharge mobile devices from the United States to 130 countries and territories across the world. It was established in 2001 and bought by PayPal in 2015. 

Xoom offers a straightforward and quick alternative for customers to transfer money overseas. It generally offers favorable exchange rates and cheap costs when compared to traditional banks or other money transfer providers. Users can send money online or through the Xoom mobile app, while recipients can receive money in a selection of ways such as bank deposits, cash, and mobile wallets.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay enables freelancers to accept payments directly on their website using Amazon’s trusted payment infrastructure. With its built-in fraud protection and customer authentication features, Amazon Pay offers a secure alternative to PayPal for online transactions. Whether you’re selling products or services, Amazon Pay provides a seamless checkout experience for your customers, helping you grow your business. For cross-border processing, it charges, a 3.9% cross-border processing fee and a 3% authorization fee making it a total of 6.9 % transaction fee. 


In conclusion, these PayPal alternatives for freelancers deliver an array of features and additional benefits to meet your requirements. Whether you want cheaper prices, increased security, or better overseas payment alternatives, these top PayPal competitors have you covered. So, why stay with PayPal when you can try these safe and inexpensive alternatives today? With the correct payment option, you can improve your financial situation, expand your business, and advance your freelancing career.


Is there a cheaper option than PayPal?

  • Yes, there are several cheaper alternatives to PayPal. Walcybank and Stripe are some of them. 

What else can I use instead of PayPal?

  • These days, you can use any other PayPal alternatives like Walcybank, Stripe, Wise, Payoneer, etc instead of PayPal.

Is there an international alternative to PayPal?

  • There are several international alternatives to PayPal. WalcyBank is one of those.


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